State Farm - Reviewed & Compared


How many insurance companies have coined a phrase? State Farm has with their “Discount Double Check”. But it’s not just a phrase, it’s what State Farm delivers to customers – excellent auto insurance, excellent service, and excellent rates, with plenty of opportunities for discounts. They’ve been around for nearly a century, so they have this business down cold. Plus, they have tons of local offices, which makes me comfortable.

The Good

I liked State Farm’s website – it was easy to navigate and find what I wanted. Their auto insurance form is a standard “fill in the blank”, and I found their discount options numerous. They also have plenty of reading material to help me choose the best kind of car insurance for me, which I found very useful.

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The Bad

Their auto insurance quote form actually looked up my vehicles based on my address, which was… well, I guess that’s life online now. No big deal, but it still made me pause for a quick second. But then again, I appreciate the ease of use and advanced technology.

What to Expect

  • A long term insurance company who has your back.
  • Great website with good information.
  • Prolific local presence gives peace of mind.
  • Discount Double Check!!
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Our Final Verdict: 9/10

One of the top auto insurers in the world, State Farm gives great rates and service online and in-person with local agents. Well worth checking out.

  • A well-respected insurer since 1922
  • Solid website with multi-page quote form
  • Good discounts