Esurance - Reviewed & Compared


One day back in 1999, a company realized that this internet thing was here to stay, and would make a great platform to buy insurance. Thus, esurance was born, and since that time, has been an online leader in providing consumers with great auto insurance (as well as other types of insurance.) They were the first, and when it comes to online, they are still one of the best.

The Good

If you are looking for online-only auto insurance, esurance has exactly what you are looking for. An excellent website that touts JD Power awards, an easy form to fill out, and enough “hey, here’s the deal” plain talk to satisfy today’s internet consumers. Plus, all the discount and bundling options you want.

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The Bad

Well, my mom won’t use them. Seriously, some consumers want a bigger name and a more professional approach. Don’t get me wrong – esurance is professional, but their plain talk and online-only business methodology might turn off some more traditional consumers (not me).

What to Expect

  • Excellent online resources for buying auto insurance (amongst others)
  • Great website, plenty of awards, and a nice quote system.
  • Online only probably saves money. The rates are good.
  • Good discount and bundling options. I want Erin esurance back!
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Our Final Verdict: 9.2/10

I really liked esurance. For people who feel comfortable with an internet-only auto insurer, esurance offers a compelling service that covers all the bases.

  • Pioneered internet auto insurance
  • Great website and easy quote system
  • Definitely speaks to “internet” customers