Allstate - Reviewed & Compared


Sometimes, bigger is better. Allstate made a name for themselves by providing Americans with exceptional auto insurance (as well as other types of insurance) since 1931. They are probably one of the most recognized names in the business, and they utilize a solid online presence as well as thousands of local agents to help consumers get the best insurance for them.

The Good

Allstate is a rock solid insurance company that has years behind it, as well as a prolific name and reputation. So for people that want to feel good about their auto coverage, Allstate is one of the top names they will turn to. Combining local agents with a solid online / media presence, as well as plenty of discount options, Allstate is a solid choice for anyone.

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The Bad

Maybe a small thing, but the online form was not quite as simple as some of the others. This could be because there seemed to be more options, and for some consumers, this is a good thing. So we won’t deduct much.

What to Expect

  • Good website that gets you a quote and answers your questions.
  • The backing and name of an American institution, plus local agents.
  • Tons of comprehensive auto coverage options, and lots of discount opportunities.
  • The best commercials in the business (we love Mayhem!)
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Our Final Verdict: 9.0/10

An industry leader, Allstate sticks to a tried and true formula of solid auto insurance, online presence, and local agents as well. Definitely give them a look.

  • Founded in 1931 by Sears Roebuck, so they are an American mainstay
  • Large website gets you auto insurance quotes fast
  • Local agents add to appeal